Altas SkillTech University

Application Form

I. Attendance

1. I clearly understand that if I fail to keep the minimum 75% attendance, I shall not be granted terms.

II. Admission

1. I am fully aware of the criteria specified by your esteemed University. I am also aware that my offer is conditional subject to my fulfilling the criteria. And in case I donot fulfil the criteria my admission will stand cancelled
2. I undertake that the documents submitted by me are true to my fullest knowledge. I am aware that at any stage if its found that the documents submitted are fake, my admission will automatically get cancelled.
3. I will assure you that I will submit all requisite documents (original plus self attested) in stipulated time, failing which my admission will automatically get cancelled

III. Anti Ragging

1) I will not indulge in any behavior or act that may come under the definition of ragging
2) I will not participate in or abet or propagate ragging in any form
3) I will not hurt anyone physically or psychologically or cause any other harm

I solely affirm that I am aware that, if found guilty, I am liable for punishment according to the regulations of the University,

I hereby declare that I am not been expelled or debarred from admission in any institution in the country on account of being found guilty of, abetting or being part of a conspiracy to promote ragging, and further affirm that, in case the declaration is found untrue, I am aware that my admission is liable to be cancelled.